Mobile Exposure is the industry leader in specialized, non-traditional advertising. Since 1996 we have dedicated ourselves to provide unique/high impact advertising methods across Canada & globally.

Our specialty is large-scale outdoor light projection, urban delivery truck wraps and all forms of taxi cab advertising. We deliver bold and effective advertising solutions and continue to expand our portfolio of distinctive media to a very satisfied clientele.
..We Create Hype

Stand apart from the clutter with ground-breaking coverage. Our innovative outdoor projections and urban truck wraps will deliver just that. Through idea milling and brainstorming, we develop concepts into dynamic solutions and employ several unduplicated industry production methods.

.Service is King

We highly value our clientele by providing round the clock support.
Our two account service reps' sole responsibility is to ensure your total satisfaction with every project, from concept to installation and ongoing maintainance.

.Extend Your Budget

Mobile Exposure is extremely cost competitive. Our media rates are the lowest in Canada - period, generally they stand at 40% less than industry standard. Call us for a media package today.