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For taxi interior ads, two styles are available, one is a headrest and seatback placard and the other is a graphic attached to the whole interior roof liner -which is very dramatic.

Both are very effective in capturing riders attention for long periods of time and without ad clutter that is normally associated with transit ads.


Low Maintainance, High Impact

Our posters are not prone to.being defaced and there is no.consumer backlash to taxi posters - it is not a space people feel is off limits to advertising.

General Production Specs
The taxi seat back posters are generally 9.5 "X 8.5" for the headrest placard and 12"X10" for the seat backů but these can be changed (+ or -) slightly to suit your requirements. They are encased in a plastic protector and are literally in the face of passengers. The roof liners are usually in the form of a velcro attachment and occupy the whole roof liner of the taxi. Backlit roof liners and video presentations are available as well..